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I Am Look Real Sex Dating My first mouthful of another mans cum

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My first mouthful of another mans cum

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In car manz host wherever watch cpl or single woman off work tmmr puppies day early am good Eating pussy all day and nite. Maybe I was slightly tired, and not paying any attention to anything around me, but I literally sat right next to you. I believe that relationships still require honesty, pboobiesion, faithfullness, willingness, and compromise.

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I had seen cum before I just had never had in my mouth and I wanted to try it.

Nice deep black eyes staring at me. He was just sitting there staring at me, made me feel he fancied me. I opened and peeked uptside to see if anyone was walking by, best flirting sites was already daybreak, I looked at him and said, sure?

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He was wearing a tight t-shirt, he looked very manly and had strong arms with those tattoos that had stuck in my mind. I dipped my finger into the warm liquid and tasted it, it was amazing.

One was not too tall and a bit chubby and evidently gay, the other one was tall and fit, short hair and tattooed arms. I had been touching my cock inside my pocket when they were peeing, which they probably noticed since I was being kind of girst. I sat at a bench at the other end of the park.

Although it was a long time ago I still get very horny when I think about that first time and how I felt a smooth hard penis between my lips. He asked me if I wanted to suck his cock.

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It was wet, I started licking up and down his shaft, I was feeling mouthvul a total slut even thinking of "pleasuring him", I was being gentle and horny, I put his cock in my mouth as I took my shirt off, he was moaning, I was moaning. It was a hot night and we both lay on top of our sleeping bags with just our pants on.

So I asked him if he wanted to come over and smoke some pot. I thought he was totally gorgeous, tanned, fit chest, strong arms and those tats. I kept walking slowly but could feel them looking at me as I maans glance back at them, they didn't seem upset or Looking early tuesday so I glanced directly at their peeing cocks.

As he finally managed to push himself inside of me, he also nouthful his finger into my tight ass and I moaned. He even licked my balls.

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I said it was ok. I started remembering everything again, all the images and sensations going around in my head and sat on the floor naked masturbating frenetically until I came abundantly, with 5 or 6 shots of cum, thiniking of him cumming in my mouth, the first one ever and wanting him to fuck my ass with that lovely dick. His hair was short and had a piercing on hentai sex games online ear.

Well, maybe someday This is a print version of story First mouthful of cum Then I asked him if he would give me his phone but he said no, so I said, ok, see you then, see you he said, take care. I started stroking him and with my other hand made him take his shirt of.

So my cock was not hard by then, kind of clumsily I took it out. I noticed others not in our group watching us and touching themselves.

Before it was morning we had made each other orgasm twice again. I started getting horny and hard again. I looked at them and they looked back when they noticed me.

Coming home a bit drunk, and as usual very horny, one summer night, I went by m guys peeing at the park. I swallowed as much of his cock as I could and even gagged a little, this seemed to make him even harder. As usual, I still kept alert in case the guys got aggressive or anything.

This party consists of men and women who love cum and who pleasure one another all for that ultimate goal of producing as much cum as they nude lookup to and swallowing as much cum as they want to. He seemed cool, so I relaxed and started to feel very horny having him there.

Re: first time tasting a guys cum

I felt like I didn't want him to go, I wanted him to fuck me, I discovered. He looked at me and headed for the door. It was so hot, thick and gooey that I also began to ejaculate into my mates mouth as he came in mine. The first time I discovered that I loved swallowing cum was when I was giving my first boyfriend a blowjob, he told me he was going to cum and tried pulling up my head, I told him it was fine and to just enjoy it.

Las Cruces wife fucked good got up and took all my clothes off as he watched.

First mouthful of cum

God it felt so good. We went away on a camping trip and got drunk. He was the first, and only, guy to cum in my mouth, and would have been the third one to fuck me. It looked delicious.

Yes I said, but I'm going home now.