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Cougars in west virginia

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For a long time, my brain refused to accept that this was a mountain lion - but in retrospect, nothing else looks like this or moves like this.

I had turned off the car, so we both got out of the car to see where it went. Cougars almost cougrs land directly on prey from tree limbs or boulders because they couldn't get proper leverage for a neck bite.

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It was so hard to follow it with your eyes. A few years ago, a recently retired DNR officer admitted to me they are here, but that is dest the DNR's "official" statement.

Hanson, Kevin. Then it darts about 15ft up the hillside but still only about 25ft from us. Dogs, a major problem, usually injure the hindquarters.

They bite the top or back of dest neck to sever the spine. Approximately 2 years ago summer of ; I was taking a remote back road to our place.

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We stopped and wesy a forest ranger near the lodge, but he said there are no mountain lions in Virginia and didn't believe us. Shaw, Harley. We're hoping to get a pic with the game cam Morris Family trust property which contains about 15, acres of nothing. Believe me; we are not hearing a fox, rabbit, or bobcat!

Young are born with spots that fade during their first year. Byintensive hunting and logging had apparently exterminated cougars. Suzanne Brothel in wagga wagga Webmaster's Note! If you think you have seen a mountain lion, or cougar in McGowan Mountain vicinity, you are not vrginia. Most generally they are seen this time of year.

Us wildlife officials give up on the eastern mountain lion

I hope these cats will continue to call our acres of uninhabited forests their home. I was traveling with one of our dogs. At first glance a bobcat might look like a very large mountain lion. Cougars have retractable toenails that often don't show in tracks, but dogs with worn toenails also don't show them.

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There is talk that they are being taken off the endangered species list. Cougar includes a bite to the back of the Free sex in maine occasionally the throatlarge canine punctures, claw marks along the shoulders, and often but westt always drag marks and an attempt to cover the carcass.

We have one roaming around out here right now that is upsetting the livestock every night. After a few minutes I heard something land on the forest service road below us.

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Suddenly see it. The mountain we saw the lion on is named McGowan Mountain. Who do I call? We were above the forest service road with our backs facing it.

This cat looks like a bobcat in many ways, tipped ears, and tail is short. Coyotes inflict many bites around the wdst, flank and back.

Contrary to popular belief, there are no black panthers in USA. If you see or find cougar evidence, please contact: Todd Lester, P. It was later determined through DNA that the cougar was from the Black Hills part of South Dakota, and state investigators believed that, judging from its age and condition, it was an escaped or released captive animal.

You can help west virginia lions

Sounds: Cougars make many sounds, but rarely scream. We've also heard them "scream" right before dawn.

I slammed on the brakes and it strode on the road about 10 feet from my car. All parts are consumed except for bones, hair and intestines. Many Appalachian stories tell of panthers following people, dropping on people from tree limbs, covering a sleeping person with leaves, and screaming like a woman being murdered.

My dog was on leash.