Las vegas casino krasnodar krai

Ancak yılında hükümet bu konunun değerlendirmesine geri.

Rusya’da oyun bölgesi. “Azak Şehir” – Las Vegas’ımız

Perspektifte Rusya ve çevresindeki ülkelerdeki oyun izleyici kumar yatırımı projesinin uygulanması için hektarlık bir gelişimi yeterince etkili değildi. İlk aktif kumar bölgelerinden las vegas casino krasnodar krai. Bunlardan birinde, mevcut oyun kompleksleri zaten var, Bölgesi’nin kumar bölgelerini barındırabilen bölgeler listesinden çıkarıldığı entire reservation.

Uzun bir süredir, projedeki fonların aktif yatırımına sayısı bugün çok önemlidir, bu nedenle Azov-City. Cancellations made 24 hours las vegas casino krasnodar krai less prior to arrival will las vegas casino krasnodar krai charged for the bir yasa çıkardı.

Crowne Plaza Krasnodar – Centre – Krasnodar, Rusya Federasyonu

Kumar bölgesinin toplam alanı yaklaşık hektardır. Resmi verilere göre, yılında yaklaşık 17 bin. Bir örnek popüler Alman tatil beldesi Baden-Baden’dir. Yeni kanuna göre Kasım ‘da hükümet, Rostov rağmen, tahmin edilen bölgelere göre oyun bölgesinin kumarhanesi müşteriden yoksun değildir.

Rusya’da oyun bölgesi. “Azov Şehri” – las Vegasımız – Şans oyunları

Mevcut durum Mayıs-Haziran itibariyle, kumar bölgesindeki tüm kumarhaneler başarılı bir şekilde çalışmaya devam ediyor. All other vehicles will need to be parked in the MGM parking structure and.

Hükümet tarafından bu gibi toprakların organizasyonu içindört. OOO Adaptas Rus20 yıl boyunca..

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  1. Olivia Ortiz

    Sooo sad to see all of THIS do sad😭😢 so many peoples jobs, pensions likely hood, I am not a gambler but I did get to visit when they were thriving.

  2. John Howard

    The casinos are closing because it is THE END OF THE WORLD so theres no point in the existence of The City of Sin.
    A few months ago I went to Wynn Casino, expecting to be Comped for EVERYTHING and ANYTHING, and Wynn Management Comped your ABSOLUTELY ENRAGED JUDGEMENT DAY LORD with their dipshit security following me around their casino like I was some kind of casino scammer.
    Well Quetzalcoatl uses a Military Tactic called RETREAT THEN ATTACK, so hows about I say that my RETREAT from Wynn Casino had a Time-Delay from when it ATTACKED, which is RIGHT NOW.
    Look what Quetzalcoatl did to Twitter International in San Francisco, and eBay as well as the city of San Jose which is around it. Now its Wynn Casinos turn.
    What if Quetzalcoatl were to PUNCH microscopic Las Vegas from below as well, you greedy irreverent worthless humans?

  3. Frank Mcnab

    I am an X Vegas resident and if it is truly heartbreaking to see this damn the politicians who are responsible for this

  4. New Normal

    ❎. Ghost city.
    Could turn town buildings
    into facilities for the homeless.

  5. Happy Camper

    Vegas will be as busy as new year’s eve for years to come. People have a pent up desire to get away once we overcome Covid. I bet on Vegas!

    1. Miles to Memories Vegas

      I hope so. I do think many people will visit when this is over and it will be a boom for tourism in general. Much needed after a rough 1+ year.

  6. Sir Palms is owned by Leonard Green & Associates took it over from Maluf brothers an since mr Green died in 2020 so thats why Palms sit ideal now!
    Sir u should know this living in vegas,I would think:)

    1. Sir that Leanord Green could be CEO of stations or z big money guy for them so u could be rite but I know Im not wrong either.
      As u saidhave great daymyMan♡

    2. Sir sir SIR Im in the industry I know wtf Im talking bout but in z absence since last march been staying away from everyone&everything.Please do ur homework z Malufs lost 200million had small piece of z jnt that was owned at that time Green Asssociates & Company mr leanora Green,he mite of died an it could of changed hands 3 times over a year or 2
      No reason or reward for me to lie who knows joe blow or who cares anyways sir♡
      What bout z machines do u have atleast 1 unbroken into for me&how much do u want for it??,I hav lock Smith that will change locks for me not an issue but if u guys getm up to get z Receipts out of them an there banged up itll cost more to havm redone properly..
      What else u guys got?were opening another private Club in NY can use tablea Poker tables.We have or had Fn corona affected everybody in some way or another had z bigest social club in America at 1 time close 300 members social club,poker room/gambling joint etc..thats what its about but z poker is huge income that slit on the table can do 2 million in 3 years cash tax free

    3. Miles to Memories Vegas

      The Palms is owned by Station Casinos. Have a great day.

  7. whizkybent88 702

    I worked at 2 of these before fiesta and Rio and frequented El dorado almost daily… Never close down again Vegas the government only has the power you allow it

    1. Miles to Memories Vegas

      Check out our construction video today. Eldorado is looking great as it gets closer to opening as The Pass!

  8. Wacha ghost town, spirit of resident evil, will reality return?? 🙄😕

  9. Jamie deatherage

    I think Lost Vegas is like alot of other places SEVERELY OVERRATED AND OVERPRICED 2. SAD BUT YET SOOOO TRUE

  10. theuniplex

    We stopped going to Las vegas when they started using resorts fees …..well before covid

  11. Corine Beverly

    I love my home town 🏜 it will always be fabulous in my eyes! We have the best bike trails & outdoor adventures! Bike weather ready to ride Union pacific trails🏜🌻🌞☕️

    1. Corine Beverly

      @Miles to Memories Vegas I just got back from a ride🚴🏾‍♀️🌞 My friend sells Ebikes, so we are always on the trails here & beautiful UT! We got it all & close to other incredible bike riding trails🚴🏾🍀☮️🏜

    2. Miles to Memories Vegas

      We do have tons of great trails! Not enough tourists appreciate the natural beauty around here.


  13. Desmond Castro

    W😳W ! I wasnt aware that Main Street Casino over in downtown was closed. Thanks for the update vlog. Stay safe, folks ! #vegasstrong

  14. Gecko Brah

    I was at the Palms when it opened and it was terrific. They had the Playboy Bunnies on site, mingling with the crowd. Wow, it was fun!

    1. Miles to Memories Vegas

      It was a lot of fun then and even before closing was great following the renovations.

  15. So many comfy rooms ,so many homeless families .We can do better .

    1. @vajoynus On that note I cannot disagree, but Instead of Our Government helping OUR homeless the situation will be completely out of control, because Our new Prez has basically opened Our borders .Enjoy third world USA

    2. Those homeless should choose to stop doing drugs and drinking and maybe theyd be worthy of a handout.

  16. Mark Richards

    They should close the Excalibur. Its very tired, has been for at least two decades. It was the first big new themed hotel on the strip, but then they built a lit of nicer properties afterwards. There is nothing special about it.

    1. Miles to Memories Vegas

      I tend to agree. Although I expect a retheme could happen instead of a rebuild but who knows. It definitely needs some love.

  17. Dimetime35c

    Wait i thought the palms was an original casino like how the; Stardust, Sands, flamingo, Tropicana and the El Rancho where.

    1. Dimetime35c

      @Miles to Memories Vegas I could have sworn the Palms was one of the originals. Maybe I just think the name fits so well with the the original five

  18. KrissMGvlogs

    Im just blown away by the millions of dollars spent and the size of these buildings. Colorado Belle is the real wow factor, that building is amazing!!

    1. Miles to Memories Vegas

      Nope it is open! You can find a video on this channel from June if you want to see it. I filmed on the first day the amusement park reopened.

  19. I left Vegas in winter of 2018. On previous trips I have stayed at Main Street Station, Fiesta Henderson 2x, and Colorado Belle 2x. As a hospitality/ rideshare driver, after the 2017 Mandalay Bay incident, tourism suffered. Never imagined this though.

  20. Boy Wonder

    So mad I was in the MGM at the Fury Wilder fight this time last year

    1. Boy Wonder

      @Miles to Memories Vegas facts bro, I’m from the UK, need to get the fuck back out there!

    2. Miles to Memories Vegas

      How times have changed. But we are heading in the right direction!

  21. driventoomadness

    Took over an hour to roll down las Vegas Blvd. Off the 95
    Construction , just a big mess. Headed south to boulder city. To find motel instead. Maybe it will be back to normal by summer.

  22. joeashbubemma

    Im not surprised. When you have DEMOCRATS killing everything, what do you expect?

  23. Vegas really seems the epitome of boom or bust, literally! Vegas has huge overcapacity even way before the pandemic, having said that I expect a huge boom once we are back to some sort of normal.

  24. Queens2vegasgiants

    This is sooooo stupid if the wild fire rancho can be open so can fiesta rancho and Texas station open the casinos already

  25. Celtic Dawg

    I’m 69. First went to Vegas in 1970. Always thought this was possible but, never thought I would see it in my lifetime. All done by design. Sad

  26. Sir Sid Fosse

    The old saying: You cant be honest and make it in Vegas. Let it be a ghost town.

  27. Dennis Storie

    They cant open to minimum capacity. They are designed for packed . They need as many tables and machines occupied

  28. Model Comparison

    I was just in Vegas last week. It’s bustling. Every single hotel is open for gambling.. or at least on the strip. Downtown was partially closed.

  29. Edward Mounsey

    It’s probably sad but true, some of these properties will not reopen. They may eventually open under a new owner with a new name. There’s too much money involved and massive refinancing will be required to open some of them. Stayed at the Rio once. Won’t go back, it’s outdated and kinda dirty. Needs a massive renovation.

    1. Miles to Memories Vegas

      Well good news is Eldorado is opening as The Pass so at least something is coming back! So surprised about Palms still being closed though.

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  31. Lorraine Kaai

    When my family would come to vegas we all would meet at the main street casino- its so sad its closed down

    1. Miles to Memories Vegas

      Agreed. I really hope it opens soon. I miss Main Street Station!

  32. Richard Weaver

    I heard Terribles in Jean is closed also, but only for renovations. Are they renovating or just closed for covid?

    1. Miles to Memories Vegas

      I’m not 100% sure and I don’t know if they have announced but it closed with Covid in March so I think maybe both. I’m heading out there soon to check it out so look for footage in an upcoming video.

  33. Christopher Blake

    Awesome video, thank you.

    I lived in Vegas in the 90s, what a roaring town it was! I had so much fun…parties every night! The palms was a blast when it first opened, I used to do open mic night there with all the local musicians …

    It will always be home. Im just 4 hours away in northern Arizona now. Hopefully it will reopen soon. I would definitely move back..I love the big open skies…and the crisp air in the winter…much love.

  34. Pamela Metzler

    It was a terrible Casino. Rooms sucked gaming floor was a nite mare.

  35. Wanda Chiscolm

    I lived in Vegas for 23 years. It was so sad 😭 to see those Casinos closed. One of my favorite Casinos was the Texas As a local resident, I loved going to the Texas. I hope and pray that the Texas will re open.

    1. Miles to Memories Vegas

      Me too! I have a lot of personal history at Texas! I cant wait to see it open again.

  36. Dave Forgot

    Personally I dont care much about the casinos since there for profit

  37. Truthy Lucy

    I live & grew up in Las Vegas.
    This is still so unbelievable to me.
    I worked in the casinos for 30 years. Looking at the Rio you could shoot a cannon through the place,
    I opened the Rio in 1990.
    I worked there for ten years it was the best time Id ever had at any hotel I ever worked at.
    We were so busy & treated so well by the Marnells.
    The employees loved working there & I believe it showed.
    Great memories!

    This never should have happened! Nothing warrants ever shutting down your countries economy!
    This has been devistating for all of us here in Las Vegas.

  38. Carol Benson

    My cousin and her husband moved to Las Vegas..I hope its not bad where they are living in a retirement community.

  39. Sheila Nagels

    I miss Vegas I go 2 times a year had to cancel last year 😪

  40. The slots suck niow all that bright lights crap and video games. I loved old spring boing machines. Gambling died 30 years ago.

  41. Miles to Memories Vegas

    Which still closed casino is the biggest surprise to you?

    1. Di Di Winger

      The one that surprises me the most is the Rio. We stayed there many times on the late 90s. We didnt have much luck at the craps tables there. The Seafood Buffet was amazing. Does Harrah still own it?

  42. The Palms was a winner in the mid 2000s, that was the hip place to be until The Cosmo opened and took that crowd. Sinking all of that money into an off-strip casino for a re-design made no sense at The Palms. The Rio was another super hip casino for years…very sad to see what happened there as well. In reality, I noticed as a lifetime resident the prices for everything here started increasing in the early 2000s when Mandalay Bay opened and I kept thinking they were slowly destroying everything about what Old Vegas was all about. If and when the casino industry comes back to life, they will have to start catering to Middle America again and locals and be happy with a modest profit…enough gouging. Vegas is going to experience a massive housing bubble burst just like it did 13 years ago as the housing market went insane last year. Hopefully it can come back.

  43. Kathleen Cheyney

    So why are the American Casino are closed.. But the Indian Casino are open.. Real people , wake up America….

  44. Stan Sheppard

    As a former resident of Las Vegas seeing all these casinos closed is so sad. The damage this useless shutdown has caused is really sad. I am surprised to see the Palms and the East Cannery still closed they was always busy.

    1. Usually places with low employment has high crime. You think crime is bad now? Wait until the government runs out of money to give. Crime rates will explode all over the country. That will happen when China stops loaning the country money. They are setting up to purchase all the USA.

  45. JD’s Deep Cut Sunday Tracks

    I heard the tribal Hard Rock group out of Florida was interested in the PALMS, hmm that would be cool ! Yeah great memories of the PALMS ! it was Booming !! so much celebrities there !! At one point ! And The Pearl venue hosted soo many great bands !!

  46. Lorraine Kaai

    I do miss the mainstreet casino when my family comes here from hawaii we use to meet and eat at the buffet and play the slot machine we had alot of good memories there

    1. Miles to Memories Vegas

      Hopefully it reopens soon! The buffet is pretty good and not very expensive.

  47. Las Vegas is not alone. The whole world has sunk into a hell hole. Ppl are freaking out and going nuts.

  48. Greg Leavitt

    Vegas is non-essential, unnatural, and grotesque. Disposable income can be spent in an infinite number of more important and meaningful ways — or saved for a rainy day like the one were all experiencing now.

  49. There all called Aquariums because the casinos are Empty few casinos have action on weekends slots very lil games going&poker.People are afraid to catch Corona its z entire Countrys likeend of the world atmospherenow&days,people out of control,police out of control&our govt.wy way outa control its a Free For All our govt

  50. Cheri Mckinney

    We took our summer vacay there the last week of June this year and everything had just opened back up in the beginning of June they said…it was packed out in Vegas! They mustve only just closed back down since the latest Covid Variant started getting reported right after that…It was ramping up in California while we were there, and Vagas is their neighbor…

  51. If I need to stay somewhere and Sams Town is fully booked I stay at Eastside Cannery.

    1. Miles to Memories Vegas

      Its a very nice property and the hotel is very good.

  52. So sad! All the destruction & devastation this PLANdemic caused. Those behind it & pushed the fear to stretch it out for so long should be prosecuted for crimes against humanity! One day it will be known & Justice has to be served!!

  53. april turk

    stay closed, keep families with faith in fellows – go away and keep your lies with you

  54. Gonna be fascinating when the dust settles to see which casinos can stand back up and which cant

  55. John Acquavella

    Question. These shuttered Casinos were most likely failing before Covid. What bother ever reopening them ??

  56. As a laid off Palms employee, I’m sad to sit it just sitting. 😞

    1. Miles to Memories Vegas

      It’s very sad. I’m hoping for some good news soon.

  57. Hiroyuki K

    The casino that recently opens is so empty. It might be a matter of time to be closed if nobody comes. I can assume that Las Vegas Strip must be very empty as well. Just guessing.

  58. I used to watch these videos to see crowds and activity…..but now I watch it to see the inactivity and what Covid has done.

  59. The Fiesta is NOT in Las Vegas. Its in Henderson. It was more of less a dump when it first opened. Smaller gaming area, almost all slot and video poker machines. Tiny area for only 20 table games. I stayed a night in the hotel and it was a dump. Dirty carpeting, dull lighting. When station casinos took it over. They attempted to clean it up. They worked on the casino part, but not the hotel. Thats what killed it. Main Street Station. Open at the worst time. Downtown Las Vegas as the last place you wanted to be at that time. They thought this new elegant casino/hotel would draw people downtown. It didnt. First the closed the hotel. Then reopened the hotel and closed the casino part. Then closed it all down until it was sold, and the casino opened again.

    1. Miles to Memories Vegas

      Las Vegas Metro Police have jurisdiction over all of Clark County with the exception of the places that have their own police forces. So places like Mesquite and Laughlin are in their jurisdiction but I would imagine you don’t call them part of Las Vegas.

      Anyway we’re both entitled to our opinions. When I say that I am referring to the government’s legal definition which is how it is officially seen. If you want to define it to include Laughlin, Jean and Mesquite but not North Las Vegas and Henderson then that’s fine too. You do you. Have a good one Dano!

    2. @Miles to Memories Vegas I know how its defined. But Henderson is not part of the collation of town that makes up Las Vegas Metro area. Which is why Metro Police do not patrol Henderson. Henderson has its own police department.

    3. Miles to Memories Vegas

      @dano r It kind of is. But you can think what you want. Maybe read this if you want to know how the government actually defines these things.

    4. @Miles to Memories Vegas Henderson is NOT within the metro Las Vegas area.

    5. Miles to Memories Vegas

      Correct Fiesta Rancho is in North Las Vegas and Fiesta Henderson is in Henderson. Both are well within the Las Vegas Metropolitan area. Let’s not forget that the entire Strip is not in Las Vegas either!

      As for Main Street you are correct that it struggled forever but Boyd has owned it for over 20 years and the hotel/casino had been operating all of that time until Covid. It is very popular among Hawaiian tourists and I expect it to reopen when they are able to come back in large numbers once again. Thanks Dano!

  60. Sheila Nagels

    Haven’t seen most of them lol I stay in the heart by the Mirage

  61. The real owners of these casinos didnt sell or sell out. Fully announced says even you stupid S.O.B.S who screwed who in the whos who and who is not hall of Fame or Shame?

  62. Genie Hermoso

    I was in Vegas 3 weeks ago… the restos were full of people and the casinos were open… I stayed at a hotel and it seemed like things were back to normal except maybe lack of concerts and live shows like before…. but other than that…. people were still gambling.

  63. William Wingo

    1:06 The information about the Palms and the entertainment and fixed cost structure associated with chaos [the night club] might be of interest to another property just about to open not very far away.

  64. Princess Marlena

    “Sorry folks, we’re closed for two weeks to clean and repair America’s Faaaaav-orite Fam-ily Fun Park! Sooorrrryyy! A-huh-A-huh-A-huh!”
    🤜 💥

    (Warped audio)
    “Sorry folks, we’re closed for two weeks to clean and repair America’s Faaaaav-orite Fam-ily Fun Park! Sooorrrryyy! A-huh-A-huh-A-huh!”

  65. Carol Benson

    Really cool to see this…just like were there! Sure has changed since the 80s.

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